xDrive原理 更新时间: 2018-03-16

xDrive全轮驱动系统的核心技术是由奥地利的马格纳·斯太尔研制的分动器,以对扭矩分配进行不间断地调节。xDrive系统根据道路情况不断改变扭矩的分配,向前后车轮传输各自所需要的扭矩,默认状态下前后扭矩分配为40:60,最大前后扭矩 分配比例为0:100到100:0之间。该系统还不断与动态稳定系统DSC交换信息,从而可以从一开始就识别到车轮打滑。扭矩分配可以在0.1秒内完成。

行驶过程中,如果系统发现车辆可能转向不足,也就是前轮开始被拖向弯道外侧,就会减少分配给前桥的扭矩,将几乎所有动力都输送至后桥。该系统还不断与动态稳定系统DSC交换信息,从而可以从一开始就识别到车轮打滑。一旦出现车轮打滑,电动机会锁定xDrive的膜片式离合器 ,并通过额外的驱动力矩使这个车轮拥有更好的附着力,同时空转的车轮也会得到刹车装置的有效控制。这就意味着,无论路面如何突然变化,都会有适量的扭矩被输送到抓地性最好的车轮上,即使是在部分结冰的道路上。

in the course of driving, if the system found that the vehicle may not be enough, that is, the front wheel was dragged to the outside of the curve, it will reduce the torque assigned to the front axle, almost all the power to the rear axle. The system also continuously exchanges information with the dynamic stability system DSC, which can be identified from the start to the wheel slip. Once the wheel slip, diaphragm clutch motor will lock the xDrive, and the driving torque of the wheel has additional better adhesion, while idle wheels will effectively control the brake device. This means that, no matter how the road suddenly changes, there will be a moderate amount of torque to be transported to the ground on the best wheel, even on the part of the ice on the road.

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